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Lindsay Hook is a freelance designer and illustrator based in Chico, California.

Services // Skills

As a multidisciplinary designer, I have developed a lot of skills in various areas of design but I am most passionate about User Experience and Illustration.

  • Wireframing/Sketching & Analyzing Data
  • UX Design: User-centered Design
  • Illustration & UI Design
  • High fidelity Visual Design + Prototyping
  • Visual Brand Identity

Whether you need help establishing a creative direction for a project, fine-tuning your brand identity or more specific design work to help support your business or project, please reach out using my questionnaire below.


Design Case Studies

Case Study #1

Digital communications agency focusing in user experience and strategic development. As part of a UX team, I was their visual designer for developing their company website.

Visual Brand Identity // Illustration // Visual+UI Design

Challenge: Communicate complex ideas through visual elements and interactions while simultaneously defining their visual identity from scratch.

Solution: Visual elements defined by a consistent space/exploration theme that helped to communicate innovation, the human element, and technology. Use of multi-column grid layout and tailored imagery/iconography for fully responsive site.

Case Study #2

Optical display manufacturer, website redesign and printed collateral.

Visual+UI Design // Print Design

Challenge: A long existing nation-wide brand without a branding strategy in place, resulting in an incohesive identity.

Solution: Visual direction chosen, utilizing keywords that help stand the brand apart from its competitors. Updated digital and printed collateral to reflect polished brand and redesigned their website for better usability and capture rates.

Branding Work

A sampling of different logos I have designed.


My illustrations and style adapt with each project, however I enjoy utilizing both traditional and digital media; including vector drawings, and printmaking techniques.

Textural and Vibrant

Utilizing different mediums, my style encompasses a mixture of textural collage and digital painting.


I am Lindsay Hook, a freelance visual designer from Northern California. I use design-thinking and critical problem solving to help create visually stimulating and useful designs.

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